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 Aquariums and cabinets
AR 37T Aquarium
  • Arch front and round corner
  • Complete mechanical and biological filtration system with top filter and pump
  • Moisture resistant dual fluorescent light fixture with a flip top feeding door
  • Individual light switches
Item no. color dimension (approx.) capacity light bulb UPC# 0069037
AR37T-BLA Black 24 1/2” L x 15 1/4” (middle)W
x 14 1/2” (side) W x 27 1/2” H.
Hood: 3.5 in. H
37 gal. 2 x 23” 20w Pink 1659 8
AR37T-SIL Silver 1662 8
AR37T LO Light oak 1660 4
AR37T DO Dark oak 1661 1
  • High density compress board
  • Full size aquarium cabinet
Item no. color dimension (approx.) tANK MODEL UPC# 0069037
AR-620KD-B Black 25” L x 15 3/4” W x 30” H AR37T
1349 8
AR-620KD-S Silver 2491 3
  AR aquarium booklet.
Replacement   Replacement parts.

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